Investment Management & Financial Advice

We build a personalized portfolio based on your account balance, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Our active management of your portfolio may include managing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-ended funds, options, CDs, private notes, and real estate.

We also ensure that investments in your employer's retirement plan are tax-optimized and in harmony with those at Sommers Financial.

Investment Management & Unlimited Hourly Financial Advice

The first $250,000 under our advisement

Annual fee of 1.0%

The next $750,000 under our advisement

Annual fee of 0.8%

The next $2,000,000 under our advisement

Annual fee of 0.6%

 The next $2,000,000 under our advisement

Annual fee of 0.4%

All assets over $5 million under our advisement

Annual fee of 0.2%

Non-profit accounts

Annual fee of 0.2%

Certificate of Deposit- / Bond Ladder-only accounts

Annual fee of 0.6%

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Written Financial Plan

Sommers Financial Management can provide a written financial plan that outlines your retirement and education savings goals, and shows multiple methods for you to achieve those goals, based on your current situation and future plans for saving and investment.

Additionally, the plan includes a net worth statement, summaries of current assets and liabilities, an outline of assumptions and estimates used, an insurance needs analysis (life, disability, and long-term care), estate planning options and considerations, estate-tax estimates, a recommended asset allocation, secondary goal achievement evaluations, a lifetime estimation of cash flow, Monte Carlo simulations, "what-if?" scenario analysis for review, and debt freedom analysis.

The plan includes preliminary information gathering (meetings/calls/emails), as well as a plan presentation meeting wherein you may ask questions, request recommendations on how to proceed with your plan, or have SFM simulate and analyze other "what-if" scenarios you would like reviewed or considered.

  • We provide a questionnaire to help gather information to be used in the financial plan.
  • We ask you for further information on any items that need clarification based on the questionnaire and supporting documents you provide.
  • We will provide you with the likelihood that your goals will be achieved if no material changes are made to your current course of action.
  • We may provide some recommendations and possible changes to the current course of action.
  • We will provide you with steps to implement our recommendations.

Fee for Written Financial Plan

Without Investment Management & Advice



$250 updates

SFM Investment Management Clients with balance less than $250,000


SFM Investment Management Clients with balance greater than $250,000


(Annual updates are complimentary for all investment management clients.)

The following documents are available for download:

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Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping is available for individuals and businesses. The service includes reporting, bill paying, and payroll (for an add-on monthly fee). It does not include customer billing, inventory management or annual tax preparation.

Bookkeeping Service

Personal or business

1% of monthly revenue, with a minimum monthly fee of $100.

Payroll Services (including quarterly and annual payroll tax reporting)
Additional $40/month
Document Scanning, Online File Storage & Year-end DVD
Additional $30/month

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