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Investment Management

We manage an investment portfolio for you based on your risk tolerance, desire for return, and time horizon. We build portfolios made up of a tax-efficient, optimal mix of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and closed-ended funds.

We also offer optimization of your employer retirement plan at no additional charge.

We offer over a dozen professionally designed, low-cost, tax-efficient portfolios for only .03% per month in our Advisor Guided Investment Management program.

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Financial Planning

Sommers Financial Management offers dynamic, interactive financial planing technology that outlines your retirement and education savings goals, and shows multiple paths that allow you to achieve those goals, based on your current situation and future plans for saving and investment.

Our financial planning service has three levels: Essentials, which is free to everyone. Interactive, for $50/month, and Premium, for $80/month (Premium is included for free for our Wealth Management (ATLAS) clients with at least $250,000 invested with us).

Click “LEARN MORE” for more details, or “GET STARTED” to start your financial plan.

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Wealth Management

For clients who would like us to manage more than $250,000 for them, we offer comprehensive wealth management that includes customized investment management AND our PREMIUM financial planning service for one quarterly advisory fee.

Financial Planning Investment Management Wealth Management
Cost Free – $50/mo. – $80/mo. 0.03% per month 0.05 – 0.25% per quarter
Minimum Investment $0 $1,000 or auto-contribution $250,000
Portfolio Construction Suggested Allocation Model Personalized
Phone & Email Consults Interactive & Premium
Online Document Storage Secure Vault Statements and Tax Docs Secure Vault
Online Account Access Holistic Overview
At Custodian(s)
Performance Reporting
Dollar Cost Averaging
Mutual Funds
Liquid Alternatives
Bond Ladders
Automated Re-balancing
Electronic Deposits/Withdrawals
Retirement Planning
Budgeting / Cash Flow
Net Worth Tracking
Debt Management Interactive & Premium
Education Planning Interactive & Premium
Life Insurance Analysis Interactive & Premium
Tax Planning Interactive & Premium
In-Person Meetings Premium only
Estate Planning (organizer) Premium only
Tax-Loss Harvesting
Individual Stocks
Individual Bonds / CDs
Hedge Funds
Private Notes
Options Trading
Structured Products
Approximate Annual Cost: Less than $1,000 0.36% Less than 1%
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