Just a few of the questions we can answer for you with our financial planning tools:

1. Should I make it a priority to pay off my mortgage before I retire?
2. Do I have enough life insurance coverage?
3. How much should I be saving for my daughter’s college?
4. Can I retire at 56?
5. Where does all my money go (why can’t I save more)?
6. What will my income taxes look like in retirement?
7. Do I have enough in my “emergency savings account”?
8. When should I begin taking Social Security?
9. What if I need to live in an assisted care facility before I die?
10. Do I have too much life insurance coverage?

Our planning will demonstrate how you can achieve your goals based on your current financial situation and your future plans for saving and investment.

Sommers Financial Management - Here are some of the questions we can answer for you with our financial planning tools.

Your plan will include a net worth statement, summaries of current assets and liabilities, and an analysis of retirement goal success probability.

For a one time plan fee, we are available to you for any questions, and we also include an insurance needs analysis (life & disability), estate planning options and considerations, estate-tax estimates, goal achievement evaluations (Do you want that RV at age 60, or will it derail your long-range plans?), a lifetime estimation of cash flow, social security optimization, future tax projections, Roth conversion planning, Monte Carlo simulations, “What-if” scenario analysis, and debt repayment strategy analysis.

Please see the table below for a complete comparison of the differences in our service offerings.

Start a Financial Plan
Essential Tools Comprehensive
Free The lesser of 1% of AGI or $1,600
Retirement Mapping / Analysis
Real-Time Net Worth Tracking
Budgeting / Cash Flow Analysis
Private ‘Important Document’ Vault
Asset Allocation Analysis
Real-time updates to Bank Accounts
Real-time links to Investment Accounts
Real-time updates to Debt Accounts
Estate Planning Checklist
Financial Plan Task Tracker
Debt Strategies and Analysis
Life/Disability Insurance Analysis
Deeper Investment Analysis
Roth Conversion Planning
Tax Planning & Projections
Social Security Optimization
Lifetime Cash Flow Analysis
College Funding Analysis
Phone & Email Consultations
In-person Planning Consultations
Online Web Conference Consultations
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