We have developed over a dozen model portfolios that are a good fit for most clients with assets between $1,000 and $250,000. These tax-efficient models are automatically re-balanced; and your placement into a particular model is based on a series of questions that help us determine your investment objectives, and your tolerance for volatility in your portfolio. To add financial planning, please review and select your service level here.

Our Investment Management service competes with the best of breed “robo-advisors” in both cost and efficacy. If you have ever considered using an automated investment service like WealthFront or Betterment, please consider using our automated investment management program. We think you’ll love our in-house developed, yet robust technology-enabled platform.

Please see the table below for a complete comparison of the differences in our service offerings.

Sommers Financial Management - Investment Management
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Financial Planning Investment Management Wealth Management
Cost 1% of AGI up to $1,600 0.03% per month 0.05 – 0.25% per quarter
Minimum Investment $0 No minimum $250,000
Portfolio Construction Suggested Allocation Model Personalized
Phone & Email Consults
Online Document Storage
Online Account Access Holistic Overview
Performance Reporting
Dollar Cost Averaging
Mutual Funds
Liquid Alternatives
Bond Ladders
Automated Re-balancing
Electronic Deposits/Withdrawals
Retirement Planning
Budgeting / Cash Flow
Net Worth Tracking
Debt Management
Education Planning
Life Insurance Analysis
Tax Planning
In-Person Meetings Up to 2
Tax-Loss Harvesting
Individual Stocks
Individual Bonds / CDs
Private Notes
Options Trading
Structured Products
Approximate Annual Cost: One-time plan fee up to $1,600 0.36% Less than 1%
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