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Sustainable Income Portfolios

SIPs: The Annuity Alternative

Your search for sustainable income ends here. Sustainable Income Portfolios (SIPs) are Simple, Inexpensive, and Paperless. They are designed to provide inflation-adjusted income from your investments, without eating away at the principal over time. These diversified, tax-efficient portfolios range from conservative to aggressive, and generate annual yields comparable to immediate annuity payouts (3.2% to 6.6% as of 2/9/18), with the potential for asset appreciation.


Company Retirement Plans

Let us handle the fiduciary investment advice and plan management for you and your employees. We provide participant education, investment committee recommendations, and assist both plan sponsors and participants with required forms and investment decisions. We also counsel participants in regard to investment choices, contributions, and withdrawals – including the tax benefits and consequences of their choices. We specialize in:

  • SEP IRAs
  • 403b plans
  • 401k plans