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SFM Strategy Subscription

For those investors who prefer to subscribe to investment newsletters to get investable ideas (like Motley Fool or The Independent Advisor for Vanguard Investors), or for investment professionals who prefer to outsource money management decisions, we offer a monthly investment strategy subscription. 

If you prefer not to hire us to manage and execute our investment strategies on your behalf, but still would like to see how we are positioning our portfolios, you can subscribe - regardless of your net worth - at our institutional pricing. 

We feel that our Balanced Closed-End Fund Opportunities Strategy and our Buffered-ETF Rotation Strategy are positively unique and difficult for most investors to replicate. If you prefer to "push the buttons" on your trades via a platform like Fidelity or Interactive Brokers, we encourage you to consider our Strategy Subscription Service.

Strategy Subscription Overview:

Monthly Portfolio Position Updates
We will send you a monthly email, on or around the 20th of each month with the current recommended positioning for each of our investment portfolios that you subscribe to.

Paid Quarterly, In Advance
We send you an invoice in advance that covers you for three months of strategy updates. 

Subscribe to one or all of our Portfolio Strategies
With a minimum quarterly fee of just $25 per strategy, subscribe to one or all of our monthly portfolio updates.

Subscription Agreement

Strategy Subscription Fees