Not only are we the only independent, fee-only registered investment advisor in Columbia County (i.e. required to act in our clients’ best interest AT ALL TIMES), but we implement some unique investment strategies that our clients appreciate.

We don’t simply place your money into loaded mutual funds and tell you to ride out the market swings.

Aside from a typical, well-balanced portfolio utilizing ETFs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, here are some of our more unique strategies that we currently offer:

  1. Closed-End Fund Arbitrage. We go long/short using high payout, heavily discounted closed-end fund shares and offset the holdings exposure via index ETFs.
  1. Private Real Estate Notes. We work with three separate builders/real estate developers that build spec homes, purchase for their rental portfolio, or fix and flip. They pay an average of 10-12% interest for first position with LTVs from 50% – 100%.
  1. The Naked Alpha Fund. This is a hedge fund, managed by Adam Sommers, that employs an option strategy that uses vertical put spreads, real estate, costless collars, and layers that over our Closed-End Fund arbitrage strategy and aims for 10-20% per year.
  1. Sustainable Income Portfolios. We have five SIPs that are built for ultraconservative to aggressive investors. One is a bond ladder using ETFs, One is long-only, IRA-eligible Closed-End Fund Arbitrage strategy, and the other three are ETF portfolios made up of three buckets of income-producing assets: Stocks/Bonds/Alternatives. SIPs are less active than the first three items, thus we only charge 3bps per month. We do re-balance them strategically and tactically quarterly. These portfolios provide good returns over the business cycle, but are subject to market movements. The focus of these portfolios is the regular income they produce. it allows for clients to use the consistent income, and let the portfolio ride market cycles.

We’d love to discuss any and every one of these options with you as you look to invest your hard-earned wealth responsibly, and with integrity.