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Retirement Plan Fees

SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs & Solo 401(k)s:

Business owners can choose to pay investment advisory fees for their employees' retirement plan assets (tax-deductible to the employer), or they can choose to have employees pay according to our Wealth Management Fee schedule

If the business chooses to pay our investment advisory fees, we send quarterly invoices to the business based on the aggregate balance in employee accounts, according to the following schedule:

The first $250,000:  
1.0% per year
The next $750,000:
0.8% per year
The next $2,000,000:
0.6% per year
The next $2,000,000:
0.4% per year
All assets above $5,000,000:
0.2% per year

Group 401(k)s:

We charge 0.36% annually for 401(k) plan investment oversight and assistance, paid by participants. This is a cost to the plan in addition to the record keeper fees, administrator fees, fund expenses and custodian fees.