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Tax Return Coordination

For our Wealth Management clients only, we have developed relationships where our office can coordinate information to help provide you with your annual federal and state income tax return in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.  Your annual return is prepared and reviewed by a licensed tax professional to ensure your tax return is prepared correctly, reviewed and filed on time.

Already have a tax professional?  No problem.

We are happy to continue interfacing with your existing tax professional. Our tax service is a great option for clients who normally self-prepare, use software, or are looking for a new tax professional. 

Why should I use this service?

By offering access to professional tax-preparation through our office, we can provide the preparer with information we know about your tax situation from your financial plan and investment accounts. This also allows us to select the best tax professional for your situation, and to make any necessary adjustments as good tax preparers and your life change over time. We have been asked time and again by our clients for referrals to the best tax professionals for their situation. We aim to become our clients' main point of contact for tax planning and tax return preparation and filing. 

We offer four levels of Tax Return Coordination at a flat fee to current SFM clients:


1) Basic – $300. A simple tax return limited to W-2s, 1099-Rs, SSA-1099, and using the Standard Deduction.

2) Standard – $600. A tax return that includes one or more of Schedule A (itemized deductions), Schedule C/K-1 (business income), Schedule D (capital gains or losses) and/or one Schedule E (real estate income from three or less properties).

3) Complex – $800. For tax returns that require accounting for a 1031-exchange, cost-segregation, if you own more than three (3) investment properties or other complex tax situation. 

4) Business/Estate/Trust/Non-Profit – price varies. For entities that require Forms 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 1041, 990-EZ or other complicated entity tax return.

Don't know which level you require? Provide us your most recent tax return, and we will provide our best estimate.