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Financial Planning 

Our Quarterly Financial Planning Process

Q1 Focus:

  • Investment strategy updates
  • Setting up proper contributions/ distributions for the current year and last year
  • Tax documentation
  • Income tax return completion

Q2 Focus:

  • Update client goals
  • Update client net worth
  • Check in on success rate of retirement / financial plan

Q3 Focus:

  • Beneficiary updates/ confirmation
  • Estate Planning (wills/trusts/POAs, health directives)
  • Life Insurance review / needs analysis

Q4 Focus:

  • Tax-Loss harvesting
  • Required Minimum Distributions
  • Roth conversions

Just a few of the questions we can answer for you with our financial planning tools:

  1. Should I make it a priority to pay off my mortgage before I retire?
  2. Do I have enough life insurance coverage?
  3. How much should I be saving for my daughter’s college?
  4. Can I retire at age 56?
  5. Where does all my money go (why can’t I save more)?
  6. What will my income taxes look like in retirement?
  7. Do I have enough in my “emergency savings account”?
  8. When should I begin taking Social Security?
  9. What if I need to live in an assisted care facility before I die?

Our tax-focused planning will demonstrate how you can achieve your goals based on your current financial situation and your future plans for saving and investment. Your plan will include a net worth statement, summaries of current assets and liabilities, and an analysis of retirement goal success probability.

For a one-time plan fee, we are available to you for any questions, and we also include an insurance needs analysis (life & disability), estate planning options and considerations, estate-tax estimates, goal achievement evaluations (Do you want that RV at age 60, or will it derail your long-range plans?), a lifetime estimation of cash flow, social security optimization, future tax projections, Roth conversion planning, Monte Carlo simulations, “What-if” stress test scenario analysis, and debt repayment strategy analysis.

Download this handy one-page PDF on how WE (both you and SFM) improve your financial plan in a dynamic, interactive way!

If you don't know where to begin on topics like: Download
Important Ages When Planning(PDF)
If you are:
  • Still working/saving (or should be)
  • Accumulating assets (or should be)
  • Between 20 and 65 years of age
Simple Steps to Building Wealth (PDF)
If you're not sure how much you should convert from your pre-tax IRA to a Roth IRA: Download the 2023 SFM Roth Conversion Calculator (Excel)
If you own real estate but would like to retire from land-lording headaches, and want help with tax & estate planning when it comes to your real estate investments: Download
SFM's IRS Section 721 Up-REIT Strategy
If you are interested in charitable giving: Read our blog article about QCDs and DAFs
If you want our help to create an effective, tax-efficient financial plan: Begin your plan


Financial Planning Fees