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Wealth Mangement Fees

We aim to add value to our clients’ lives by helping them achieve their goals, sleep peacefully, and build their net worth in the most tax-efficient way. Wealth management is billed quarterly, and includes ongoing Financial Planning as well as Investment Management. 

Initial Planning Fee: 1% of Adjusted Gross Income (except for Washington clients)

  • Maximum Initial Planning Fee for Wealth Management Clients: $1,600
  • Initial Planning Fee waived if investable assets brought under the care of SFM are greater than $250,000
  • Washington clients are billed at $250/hour, rather than a fixed fee (ask your state regulators why they feel fees based on anything other than AUM or hourly are "unethical business practices").

Annual Wealth Management Fees:

The first $250,000:   1.0% per year 
The next $750,000: 0.8% per year 
The next $2,000,000: 0.6% per year 
The next $2,000,000: 0.4% per year 
All assets above $5,000,000: 0.2% per year 


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