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Investing Original

Quantitative Analysis of Investment vehicles
We begin with the entire universe of publicly available ETFs and mutual funds, and we screen and score each for attributes we prefer for our clients. We give higher scores to investments with broad exposure (not sector specific), solid risk-adjusted performance over time, and low internal costs. We also score other factors such as liquidity, tax-efficiency, income yield, and historical volatility of the investment. We aim to include in nearly every portfolio three buckets: Stocks, Bonds, and Alternatives (to include, but not limited to real estate, commodities, preferred securities, bank loans, etc.)

Do you need Sustainable Income?
To be included in one of our Sustainable Income Portfolios, the asset must have an above average income-yield for its asset class.

Are you keenly focused on keeping costs/fees low?
If you are keenly focused on keeping investment fees/costs down, we can screen out all investment vehicles with above average costs for the asset class.

Do you want to focus on socially conscious (aka SRI - Socially Responsible Investing) strategies, or do you wish to invest for impact?
We can take into consideration the "impact" of your investment dollars. We have socially conscious portfolios that focus on environmental, social, and governance issues. We include both strategies that screen to exclude "bad" exposures, and others that invest in themes that are purposeful in their focus on more responsible environmental, social, and governance impacts.

Are you at a point in life where you need to be Conservative? Aggressive?
If you want to be aggressive, we exclude all investments that have conservative attributes, like low-volatility. If you want to be conservative with your investments, we screen out all investment vehicles with highly volatile characteristics.

Are there economic themes on the horizon that are positive for the asset class? Negative for the asset class?
Every year we discern three economic themes that are present in the coming 12 months. We then score each potential investment vehicle based on how those themes will impact each asset class. 

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SFM Growth Portfolios

SFM Portfolio
(as of 3/31/2020)
Risk Number Dividend Yield 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Avg. Annual Return Internal Portfolio CostStrategy Summary
Conservative Growth 
Moderate Growth462.8%-9.7%-0.4%6.3%0.4%More Info
Buffered-ETF Global Equity
48N/A-13.6%N/AN/A0.8%More Info
Aggressive Growth532.7%-12.4%-2.0%6.3%0.2%More Info
Global All-Cap All-Stock792.5%-23.7%-14.4%0.7%0.1%More Info

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SFM Sustainable Income Portfolios

SFM Portfolio
(as of 3/31/2020)
Risk NumberDividend Yield3-Month Return1-Year Return3-Year Avg. Annual ReturnInternal Portfolio CostStrategy Summary
Ultra-Conservative224.0%-6.4%-3.2%1.2%0.2%More Info
Conservative Income554.5%-15.9%-8.7%1.6%0.4%More Info
Moderate Income594.5%-17.6%-10.4%1.3%0.4%More Info
Aggressive Income494.5%-16.3%-11.8%1.1%0.4%More Info
CEF-Arb Balanced589.3%-19.8%-11.1%2.6%1.5%More Info

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SFM Low-Cost Portfolios

SFM Portfolio
(as of 4/7/2020)
Risk NumberDividend Yield3-Month Return1-Year Return3-Year Avg. Annual ReturnInternal Portfolio CostStrategy Summary
Conservative LC Growth
-14.4%-6.9%2.4%0.3%More Info
Conservative LC Income434.5%-16.7%-10.5%0.7%0.3%More Info
Moderate LC Growth542.9%-11.7%-2.5%5.5%0.2%More Info
Moderate LC Income453.6%-11.9%-4.4%3.3%0.3%More Info
Aggressive LC Growth522.6%-12.2%-2.3%6.4%0.2%More Info
Aggressive LC Income573.5%-13.1%-5.4%3.4%0.2%More Info

SFM Social Impact Investment Portfolios

SFM Portfolio
(as of 4/7/2020)
Risk NumberDividend Yield3-Month Return1-Year Return3-Year Avg. Annual ReturnInternal Portfolio CostStrategy Summary
Conservative SRI453.7%-15.5%-8.2%1.6%0.7%More Info
Moderate SRI562.6%-15.1%-6.1%4.0%0.4%More Info
Aggressive SRI602.4%-14.6%-4.8%4.7%0.4%More Info

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Top 10 Client Holdings

Investment Name
(Figures as of 3/31/2020)
TickerDividend Yield1-Year Return3-Year Avg. Annual ReturnExpense RatioFact Sheet
iShares Global Low-Volatility
ACWV3.0%-6.0%4.5%0.20%More Info
SPDR Large-Cap Low-VolatilityLGLV2.2%-5.5%6.5%0.12%More Info
iShares USA Momentum FactorMTUM1.7%-0.5%12.8%0.15%More Info
Vanguard Dividend AppreciationVIG2.0%-2.2%8.0%0.06%More Info
SPDR Interm. Corporate BondSPIB3.1%2.2%2.9%0.07%More Info
iShares USA Quality FactorQUAL2.0%-5.1%6.5%0.15%More Info
Invesco Variable Rate Preferred VRP5.9%-8.1%-0.7%0.50%More Info
SPDR Gold MiniSharesGLDM0.0%25.4%NA0.18%More Info
iShares Short Maturity BondNEAR2.7%-0.8%1.1%0.25%More Info
First Trust Preferred SecuritiesFPE6.2%-8.5%-0.0%0.85%More Info

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