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An independent, Fee-only Registered investment advisor serving Oregon and arizona

Plan effectively. Invest efficiently.

Test Riskalyze code button here (doesnt seem to work and gets stripped out.) Might need to publish to activate scripts?

 here <script type="text/javascript">document.write( new Date().getFullYear() );</script> 

<script type="text/javascript">document.write( new Date().getFullYear() );</script>

<script src="https://www.riskalyze.com/hosted/v2/c0aa8cf13e48a91b1d9a/rq/lt/lg/btn.js" type="text/javascript"  data-logo="1" data-button-title="Free Portfolio Risk Analysis"></script>

Test 2 - button (works like old website - doesn't appear in modal/pop-up)

test button

Table Test

SFM ModelRisk NumberDividend YieldPotential 6-mo. Decline3 Month Return1-Year Return3-Year Avg. RORExpense Ratio
Conservative Growth463.0%-9%2.2%18.2%9.1%0.3%